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Workshops at EdTech LIVE

Digital Workflow with iPad


Primary, iPad, Workflow, Literacy, Creative Arts, Apps

“Exploring creative Primary workflows for Literacy, Video and Digital Storytelling.”

Digital workflow is a big part of making mobile technology work in classrooms. While there are many exciting and radical applications of technology, the most important focus should be how it can support the everyday tasks of teachers in the classroom. It should make life easier, not more complicated!

This workshop will show how iPad can augment the Primary Classroom, and the tools available for supporting a range of subject areas and topics. In particular, this workshop will look at workflows for Literacy, Video and Digital Storytelling, but the techniques are adaptable to any subject area.

Introducing One Platform to Engage your Whole School Community


Primary, Secondary, ICT, Learning platform, Mobile apps.

“Engagement with whole school communities, including parents, is becoming easier with technology.”

This presentation will give you ideas to improve teaching and learning through a unique platform that also allows you to improve communications across your whole school community. Engage students, teachers, parents, governors and your school administrators with one platform. 

This workshop covers everything from setting quick online homework for students, to communicating with parents through a mobile app.

Computing in the New Curriculum



Primary, Secondary, iPad, Workflow, Computing, Apps.

“Dynamic and innovative ways that iPad and Mobile Tech can support the teaching of the new Computing Curriculum.”

Computing has become something of a hot topic recently, and we have begun to see some interesting and dynamic ways that iPad can be used to support the teaching of the subject.

This workshop will explore the ways iPad can support and enhance the teaching of the new Computing Curriculum, covering a selection of Apps and classroom activities that can be used in your classroom. The workshop will map the content to the Curriculum as it goes.

Tweet your way to success - Using Twitter as an Educator

Social media, Twitter, ICT, Hashtag,

"Twitter isn't just a social app - it provides a unique chance to connect with other educators and find a diverse set of resources for any curriculum area."

Twitter provides endless opportunities for teachers. Learn how to take ownership of your own CPD by creating your own personal network, collaborate with others and search for resources that you need. Learn how to manage your twitter time efficiently, and what it means to grow a twitter following (and how to build one yourself!)

Creating Digital Content with iBooks Author


Primary, Secondary, Literacy, Creative Arts, Classroom Resources

"A perfect, modern way for students to create work with text, images, video and interactivity. Or for teachers to create classroom resources!"

This presentation will show you how to draw together text, graphics and interactivity features to create stunning iBooks for your classroom using iBooks Author. We will also be taking a look at some of the best iBooks available today, and how easy it is for you or your students to create interactive learning resources.

This session will also explore the transformative impact of iTunes U Course Manager and how to collate all of your existing learning materials into a flexible course that you can be shared with students.

Case Study: Imaginative ICT and the Web

Primary. ICT. Learning platform. Blogging. Projects. 

"Blogging is a modern, creative way to encourage students to write and collaborate. It is also a great way of combining Literacy skills with technology."

Engage your class online with imaginative projects, a class homepage that will keep them returning every day and explore the creative world of blogging. Learn how to get children logging in every day, and collaborating on projects. Create an environment where you can introduce your class to blogging. This session will focus on engaging KS1 and KS2.


08.00 – 09.00 - Registration Opens

09.00 – 09.05 - Welcome

09.05 – 09.30 - Keynote from Apple

09.30 – 11.10 - Keynote Presentations

11.10 – 11.45 - Break and Exhibition

11.45 – 12.30 - Workshop Session 1

12.35 – 13.20 - Workshop Session 2

13.20 – 14.20 - Lunch and Exhibition

14.20 – 15.05 - Workshop Session 3

15.10 – 15.45 - Closing Keynote

Workshop locations

Digital Workflow with iPad
(Exeter Suite)

One Learning Platform
(Suite 17)

Computing in the New Curriculum
(Baxter Suite)

Tweet your way to success
(Seminar 15/16)

iBooks Author
(Seminar 18)

Imaginative ICT and the Web
(Seminar 6/7)

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